11 octobre 2009

De Massot in english for The Little Review

1. What should you most like to do, to know, to be ? (In case you are not satisfied).
2. Why wouldn’t you change places with any other human being ?
3. What do you look foreward to ?
4. What do you fear most from the future ?
5. What has been the happiest moment of your life. The unhappiest ? (If you care to tell).
6. What do you consider your weakest characteristics ? Your strongest ? What do you like most about yourself ? Dislike most ?
7. What things do you really like ? Dislike ? (Nature, people, ideas, objects, etc. Answer in a phrase or a page, as you will).
8. What is your attitude toward art today ?
9. What is your world view ? (Are you a reasonable being in a reasonable scheme ?)
10. Why do you go on living ?

* * *

1. Nothing to answer to this, not that my own life satisfies me, but rather that the lives of others disgust me.
2. I don't care enough about anything not to change places with the first person who came along.
3. Perpetual revolution in every realm.
4. Night, in certain eyes ?
5. Don't know. – When I discovered that my sweetheart had true lesbian tastes, although they were ardently desired and provoked by myself. (Cf. Freud.)
6. A certain imbecilic inclination towards indulgence. – My capacity for scorn.
7. a) Solitude, drugs, my bull-dog, fourteen year old girls. b) Soldiers, priests, the police, children and their whores of mothers, religions, dogmas and faiths, the abominable idea of fatherland.
8. Absolute indifference. (I'd give a hundred painters, a hundred musicians, a hundred poets, for one Lenine).
9. Eh bien, merde.
10. For love of death.

in The Little Review, Spring number, May 1929. Vol. XII, n° 2, pp. 45-46.